Aykon Towers

Aykon Towers, Vauxhall, London
Alandale have recently undertaken, in conjunction with Keltbray, the access scaffold[s] to facilitate the demolition of existing property in Bondway, Vauxhall adjacent to a main roadway and a Network Rail Asset.
For the scaffold structure to be both erected and dismantled several trackside possessions were required working closely with the NR team based in Clapham to ensure sufficient access and co-operation throughout. The works have been undertaken and completed during ‘White Periods’ which entails possession and isolation of the rail lines between Mon/Tues & Thurs/Fri with some weekend working also were possible. The night time possessions commenced between 00:35 & 05:00 hours incorporating works to both erect and dismantle the scaffold, utilising tethered tools and fully designed scaffolds with lightweight fans and reinforced sheeting undertaken by fully trained operatives to work in and around Network Rail Assets. The project included scaffolds erected at pinch points with interfaces with the rail in some locations only 2.0m away.

The scaffold structure incorporated sections of beamwork cantilevered through the masonry walls propped inside the building providing access externally designed and built above the track in accordance with NWR requirements.