Cannon Bridge House

Cannon Bridge House, London
The site sits next to the River Thames, directly above one of the capital’s busiest Stations Cannon Bridge Street, which has thrown up several obstacles: works must be undertaken outside of peak hours, during the evening hours and over weekends. The category A fit-out scheme was formally host to the New York Stock Exchange London offices, and is now in the process of being stripped out for an office development.
The works on site include a multi-level gantry incorporating a hoist facilitating access for operatives and materials into the building enclosed at low level with a wooden hoarding and encapsulated above with reinforced plastic sheeting. The south elevation is located directly over a live Network Rail Train Track and requires the use, during both erection and the dismantle of the scaffold, of both tethered tools and materials undertaken by fully trained operatives to work in and around Network Rail Assets.

The works on site have been engineered and designed to meet the stringent submission to Network Rail for both review and approval prior to commencement and was erected over weekend shutdowns and nights ensuring that all times the Network Rail Asset was afforded full respect and protection.