Lombard Road

Lombard Road, Battersea, London
We have recently commenced a project for Barratt London at Lombard Wharf in Battersea, London SW11. The project is situated on the banks of the River Thames located adjacent to the Cremorne Rail Bridge just across from Chelsea Harbour. The curved structure will offer wrap around balconies and to heights of 93.0m. The project will see a tube and fitting structure to the full height of the structure, externally completed with hoist, multiple cantidecks and a system staircase.
The design of the tower itself is innovative, with a graceful aesthetic which incorporates a slight two-degree twist as it rises into the sky. This required the scaffold design to include two levels (on floor 3 and 5) of steelwork engineered to support multiple rows of aluminium beams. The structure is also situated in close proximity to a Network Rail asset as well as the river Thames. This requires works to both be erected and dismantled using tethered tools with fully designed scaffolds, lightweight fans and reinforced sheeting - all undertaken by fully trained operatives to work in and around Network Rail Assets.

The scaffold constructed from Tube, Fittings, Steelwork, Beamwork and fittings totals over 10,000m2 and includes over 6500m of beams and 65no. separate steelwork spreader beams incorporated into designed structure. With triple standards to the 5th floor and double standards extended to the 25th floor, the scaffold has also required significant back-propping in the basement levels.